Greater Gila County Transit Feasibility and Implementation Study

The Central Arizona Governments’ (CAG) 2015 Regional Transportation Plan identified the need to :

  1. Improve transit services within Gila County for residents; and
  2. Provide transit connections between rural areas in the CAG Region to Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

To develop a plan of action to improve transit services within the Region, and to nearby areas, CAG initiated the Greater Gila County Transit Feasibility and Implementation StudyThe goal of this study is to improve the quality of life for greater Gila County area residents through improved transit services for daily commuting as well as medical, educational, shopping, recreational, and emergency travel needs.

The study area encompasses unincorporated Gila County, San Carlos Apache Tribe, White Mountain Apache Tribe, and the communities of Payson, Globe, Miami, Hayden, and Winkelman.  The Region is primarily rural in nature and includes many residents that are elderly, low-income, and often do not have access to reliable vehicles.  To provide Regional access, this study will also include connecting local communities to Maricopa County and eastern Pinal County.

Ultimately, this important study will evaluate the area’s current and future unmet transit needs and identify feasible transit options for the underserved residents of the Region.