Community Development Block Grant Planning Program (CDBG)

The CDBG Planning Program is responsible for the distribution of funding through the Arizona Department of Housing, and is responsible for providing technical expertise and services for the planning and implementation of CDBG funds throughout Gila and Pinal Counties.  The CAG CDBG planning program is responsible for the formation and implementation of an annual Method of Distribution (MOD), by which CDBG funds are distributed within the CAG Region.  The CAG Management Committee assists with the development of a regional funding strategy, subject to the approval of the Regional Council.  The CDBG Department is responsible for providing ongoing technical assistance to local communities in the preparation of CDBG grant applications, and also providing assistance in the administration of the CDBG funded projects.  Service contracts between member entities and CAG are developed on a community-specific basis, and may provide for the technical assistance and services of the planning and support staff.