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CAG Appoints Executive Director

The Central Arizona Governments (CAG) is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert MacDonald as the Executive Director of CAG and the Pinal Regional Transportation Authority (PRTA).  The Central Arizona Governments (CAG) was formed in 1970 and is one of six regional planning districts, or Councils of Government (COGs), that was established by Executive Order 70-2 signed by the Governor of Arizona to provide effective regional planning services to Gila and Pinal counties.  The CAG Region is comprised of Gila and Pinal Counties, and includes the 17 incorporated communities and four tribal governments.   The Pinal RTA was established to provide funding, and to focus on creating a balanced regional transportation system for the residents of Pinal County.  The Plan will provide a mechanism for the County, its cities, towns and Tribal Communities to collaborate in developing a  seamless countywide 20-year Regional Transportation Plan.
"We welcome Mr. MacDonald to Central Arizona Governments' family with open arms. CAG is grateful and excited to have a person with such a vast portfolio of experience joining our team. We look forward to continuing to work together to plan for the transportation, environmental quality, land use, and economic development needs of the 17 cities and towns, 2 counties, and 4 Native American  communities that make up Pinal and Gila Counties" said Regional Council Chairman Robin Benning.
“On behalf of the Pinal Regional Transportation Authority (PRTA) I want to welcome Rob MacDonald as the Executive Director of CAG.  CAG is the organization which is also responsible for the PRTA.  Rob comes to CAG and the PRTA with experience in the operation of similar entities and will be a great addition to CAG and the PRTA.  Rob will inherit an excellent staff who have worked hard over the years to make CAG and the PRTA a success,” said Pinal Regional Transportation Authority Chairman Dave Waldron
Mr. MacDonald recently completed 13 years as the Executive Director of the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) and Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA).  Rob’s 30-year career has been split between the private and public sectors in transportation engineering and planning.  As a professional engineer, he has worked on projects ranging from Boston’s multi-billion dollar “BIG DIG”, to California toll roads, to regional transportation plans, and major Colorado interchanges and corridors.  Within the range of assignments, Rob has managed $200-million capital improvement programs for cities and regions, directed a national award-winning regional transportation plan, and planned and designed a variety of transportation infrastructure projects.  Mr. MacDonald will begin with CAG on February 1, 2018


Pinal Regional Transportation Authority

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