Information Services

CAG's Information Services Department provides assistance to CAG member agencies by providing data collection, analysis, and modeling on a variety of topics that include population, housing, employment, economic development, and land use.  Information Services continues to supply useful information to the public through the development and support of unique applications, which include technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Internet applications, website security and maintenance, aerial photography support, geocoding and rectification of aerial photography and maps, establishing local and regional traffic counts, and maintaining 28 socio-economic datasets for use by staff and member agencies.  These same technologies and concepts support user governmental entities as they deliver services to their citizens.  Additionally, Information Services assists other CAG departments, enhancing their service delivery by providing datasets, maps, projections, forecasts and data analysis.  Information and technologies are made available to internal and external users by maintaining information on two mainframe servers and two virtual drives, placing information on the CAG website, and through the updating and maintenance of aerial photography and multiple geo-databases.  Additionally, services are provided to customers through a reliable and secure network by implementing and managing leading information security technologies.